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Are you looking for a place for creative video production? Do you want to move to the farthest corners of the world without leaving the studio and record the scenes created in your head just as you see it? The new Virtual Studio with LED screen, created especially for the film and advertising industry, will allow you to realize even the most daring concepts. The perfectly equipped space will allow you to work with virtual production technology and generate the scenery you want, revolutionizing the standard approach to cinematography

Combine live filming with
computer generated images (CGI) and visual effects to create high quality content in eNStudios!


The virtual production recording studio houses an LED screen of more than 100m². The spacious studio offers a separate director's room and a technical room, and thanks to a garage door, it provides the opportunity to quickly unload and load equipment, drive a car or other single-track vehicle inside.


OptiTrack cameras

The brand's unique OptiTrack active camera system allows you to plan frames with 0.02mm accuracy, as well as the position of characters or objects relative to the scene.


During pre-production, we invite all members of the team, especially set designers, directors and producers, to take advantage of the possibilities offered by Virtual Production. Lay out the action plan and scene setup in the virtual world. With VR goggles, the production designer will be able to move into our virtual prop room.

Virtual Production

Working with a number of specialists in the industry, we are able to guarantee comprehensive assistance at every stage of the work. In the process of creating Virtual productions, the various stages are detailed:


It all starts with an idea. At the idea stage, we need a general concept, described in the form of a brief/treatment or a detailed conversation. A pitchvis is created from such information.

Pre-production / environment creation

Using the Unreal Engine, our specialists are able to generate any location and produce the necessary assets. Together we consult in detail about the action and each of the set design elements. A virtual prop room is also available at this stage, and the set designer, director and screenwriter can move elements in the designed scene after donning virtual googles. Before we move to the production stage, we give the opportunity to create stuntvis, previs and techvis, together with the creators.


The location created with Unreal Engine is displayed in our studio on an LED screen. We set and adjust the lighting, combining the real world with the virtual world. We bring the actor_s into the scene. In eNStudios on the LED screen it is also possible to display the so-called "driving stage" of ready-made or recorded by us images .

Post Production

We subject the recorded scenes to post-production.

Depending on your needs, eNStudios is ready to provide comprehensive services, as well as support individual production stages as a subcontractor.

What the phrases mean :


This is a simplified version of the previsualization created to show investors the intended look and style of the project.


This is a preliminary 3D visualization.


It's action design for actors or physical stuntmen. It is a combination of previsualization and technical capabilities. Techvis

Virtual scouting

This tool allows directors, cinematographers or production designers to view the virtual location
in virtual reality using googles, so they can select and plan camera tracking and appropriate shots

Less physical work on set?

- VR prop solution
- less need
of technical facilities.

Smaller carbon footprint

- reduced transportation costs
- fewer props
- green energy


Control over the environment

- choice of time of day
- ability to change environment
- fit



- transportation costs
- post-production time
- waste disposal


virtual locations

Our specialists are able to create tailored for the needs of the production locations along with the 3D models needed for the scenes based on the Unreal Engine 5. We have our own library of assets, from which the scenographer can choose objects suitable for the project, and we also model objects individually depending on the needs.

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