eN is eNergy flowing from sounds

The whole eN Audio design is not only about comfort and great acoustics, it is about the possibility of recording from multiple rooms at once and listening to the material on top SCM50 monitors from the legendary ATC brand. Convenience is provided by an integrated AVID-branded system based on the Pro Tools Ultimate environment with HD Native. The Pro Tools software and MTRX Studio interface are fully controlled by the AVID S4 console.





Feel the eNergy coming from the sounds!

eN Audio is a live room designed as a combination of the concepts of room-in-room, non-enviromental and RFZ (reflection free zone), allowing the realization of various types of recordings, where the distribution of reflections guarantees very good acoustic conditions and natural sound reproduction in recordings.

At eNStudios you will find a fully equipped, modern sound studio. In the audio space you will realize recordings of ensembles, orchestras, soloists, voiceover recordings, podcasts, realize film soundtrack. You will also take care of post-production.

eN Audio is a studio that combines the highest quality of sound engineering, technology and good interior design.

eN Audio consists of:

  • directors with short reverberations,

  • Studio A (90 m2) - a spacious live room with studio reverberation (0.6 seconds) with RFZ

  • Studio B (14 m2) - space for recording vocals/instruments/amplifiers

  • Sluice C (12 m2) - space for recording vocals/intruments /amplifiers

eN Studios Audio

A place tailored to the needs of all sorts of sound projects including studio rental under:

  • music production;

  • film and animation sound design;

  • voiceover, vocal and acoustic recordings;

  • podcast recordings, including vision.


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