Are you looking for independent experts to produce your advertising material for you? Or are you interested in other aspects of advertising - post-production, scouting or filmmaking? Do you want to rent a fully equipped space that will make it easy for you to realize even the most daring ideas? You've come to the right place! It is here, at 216 Głogowska Street, that the creative heart of Wielkopolska beats.

The eNStudios is where specialists in marketing, filmmaking, as well as animators, graphic designers and new technology experts meet to work together on promotional campaigns, advertising spots or videos. Because it's at eNStudios - thanks to customized rooms for rent with cyclorama and equipment of the highest quality - that you will realize the material just as you imagine it, without limits!



eNStudios cooperates with operators of, among others, advanced Motion Control machines, so we are able to organize product recordings, characterized by repetitive motion and customization for a specific project. We have our own storage and equipment facilities, including greenscreen or blackscreen. eNStudios has its own Audio Studio, where you will realize voiceover recordings or film soundtracking.


If you are looking for space for filming, commercials, shooting sets or other production needs, eNStudios space is the best choice. We have rooms for rent that are fully suitable for the above mentioned realizations. A room with a cyclorama, recording equipment, air conditioning and unlimited access to coffee - a combination that is both necessary and ideal at the same time.eNStudios is also equipped with a dressing room, the renter has access to a make-up room, and can freely use the bathroom with a shower, so actors on set have a certain comfort in their work. Has fatigue caught up with you? At eNStudios we have capsules for relaxation - Sleep Room. Studies have shown that a 15-25 minute nap during the day increases the efficiency of tasks performed, improves concentration and reduces fatigue. Make your recordings in a place that with its facilities will support you and make you comfortable.


eNStudios is not only a perfectly equipped space. It is also a team of specialists who provide the necessary facilities and support in your daily work. Thus, with us you can work comprehensively, implementing the project from the idea to the final product. We also work with external experts and experts, so we have access to the best talent in the industry to help with projects of varying scales of complexity.


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Are you looking for a coworking space? Want to get involved in interesting projects? Join eN Crew-group of creative professionals ii collaborate with the best in the industry! As an independent production hub, we are open to discovering new talent and collaborating with new people. We look forward to hearing from you with your portfolio.

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